As already mentioned, the Italian manufacturer of cereal dryers, the company Bonfanti – Cereal Dryers, operates across several locations in Europe.

Specifically, over the last ten years, it has been able to expand the range of its plants within the context of the Ukrainian market, achieving significant results and always maintaining the high level of quality standards that our company set itself from day one.

In terms of numbers, during this period about 140 dryers have been installed, and this number is still growing. Every year we introduce technological integrations that our research and development department has put into play, as we continuously work to offer the best results.

Over the last three years, the technology produced by Bonfanti – Cereal Dryers has in fact improved considerably. This was made clear by the manager Aleksey Krivulchenko, who told farmers about the latest technological innovations during the exhibition at the Grain Tech fair in Kiev, Ukraine.

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