“It is a mistake often made in this country to measure things by the amount of money they cost.” (Albert Einstein)

Quality is not synonymous with a high price. Quality for a product first and foremost means dedication to each and every detail, from the beginning to the end of production, resulting in something that is not just a cold piece of metal that has been processed and made into a tool, but the very expression of the care that has been put into it. It means being able to explain your product well and to describe it in every single detail and function.

Our Bonfanti cereal dryers are of the fixed tower type, with different production capacities from 5 tonnes/hour up to 120 tonnes/hour. Of course, production depends on the model of the dryer, which differs in size and specifications according to the needs of each customer.

The functioning process of
Bonfanti Cereal Dryers

Model ECOS

Model ECOS

Dryers for cereals and oilseeds, robust and simple and with heat recovery. Ideal for small and medium production of all types of cereals.

Bonfanti cereal dryers are suitable for all types of grains, such as the ECOS model (from 5 to 48 tonnes/hour). The perfect choice for those who want a small to medium sized dryer, but still capable of achieving great results, always keeping in mind the most important principle followed by our company: quality.

But a job well done can be done by anyone, a unique job is the goal that we have always set ourselves. And we have achieved the desired results, as in the case of the Bonfanti – Cereal Dryers ECOS models, which are complete with an innovative burner with intelligent operating system, in order to obtain quality results continuously and consistently, with every use.

To be precise, the operating system we are talking about and the design feature enclosing the dryer involves automatic production regulation – depending on the moisture and temperature of the cereal – which automatically varies the working speed and air temperature for a perfect-quality dried product.

Bonfanti ECOS model cereal dryers are also equipped with special sensors to monitor the temperature and are complete with an automatic PLC control system with 12″ colour operator panel.

Another unique feature of our ECOS dryers is the heat recovery capacity in the cooling zone, which will save you more than 25% of the gas consumption with each production cycle. Because if it is true that the difference is in the details, we cannot limit ourselves to focusing on the workings of the machine alone, but also on its efficiency.

In addition, the ECOS dryer model can be set up to run on external biomass boilers.

One of the main features that distinguishes this model is the intuitive simplicity in using and adjusting the operation of the dryer itself, which also boasts a robust and durable structure that will stand the test of time as well as constant work. Models CE operate on different fuels: natural gas, LPG propane butane, diesel or biomass.

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Model CE

Model CE

Dryers for cereals and oilseeds, full optional with humidity sensors and with total heat recovery. Ideal for medium and large productions.

Different needs, different models, same excellent results.

This model represents the perfect choice for those who want a medium to large sized dryer that is always capable of providing excellent results, with high seed quality and low energy consumption, saving up to 35%.

Bonfanti CE model cereal dryers are designed for drying all types of cereals and oilseeds and offer the high-quality final results that characterise our company, operating at high rpm without ever losing efficiency, integrity and functionality.

These cereal dryer models are state-of-the-art, the best example of the results of our investments in research and development.

The key feature that makes these dryers unique is the fact that they are equipped with an advanced grain moisture control system and two state-of-the-art intelligent burners.

These burners make it possible to regulate production according to the moisture content of the grain for each individual production cycle, with different working temperatures in the two drying stages.

Perfection is achieved with the grain moisture sensors, which check the actual moisture content of the cereal and automatically vary the working speed of the dryer.

All these procedures are applied to obtain the highest quality dried product as only our machines can do, and always with unparalleled levels of energy efficiency, ensuring maximum results.

What we do is the result of years spent perfecting every single detail, leading to the development of dryer models like this, which can be defined as “top of the range”, a description that we leave up to our customers, proud to have them as part of our large family focused solely on excellent results.

Another particular feature of the Bonfanti CE model cereal dryers is that they are delivered with the advantage of being full-optional and come complete with total heat recovery, not only in the cooling area but also in the final drying area. Indeed, for a dryer to make a real difference, it must be able to deliver maximum results not only on the finished product, but also on the entire production process, in every detail.

The special thermal insulation feature enables heat to be retained on the inside, with considerable savings when using Bonfanti cereal dryers. This is a feature that can only be offered to the customer by those who have truly been in the sector for many years, and have a thorough knowledge of all the tiny details of this industry.

In addition, our CE model cereal dryers have an automatic PLC control system with 12″ colour operator panel.

Overall, the unmistakable originality of the Bonfanti CE model cereal dryers is the presence of special state-of-the-art sensors for measuring the true humidity levels, the temperature of the cereal, the working air temperature and an “anti-shock” system for an excellent gradual and adjustable cooling of the dried product.

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Finally, Bonfanti dryers are completely automatic, very easy and intuitive to use, long-lasting and as always, unique and tailored to the characteristics of each customer.

Ask us for an offer with no obligation, specifying any detail related to your needs and we will be happy to give you proof of our competitiveness, our results and the reason why our company name, today, is what it is for each of our customers.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”
(John Ruskin)

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