The software for the humidity probes of BONFANTI dryers has been improved

Over the past few years we have developed a sensor for measuring the humidity of the cereal, in order to be able to control the drying speed and the production of BONFANTI dryers directly by checking the real humidity of the seed.These sensors were made by the Bonfanti company in the mid-1980s, over the years they have been updated in electronics and perfected in operation.

Some of the latest improvements are:

2018 we changed the type of electrical connection

2019 simplified some calibration operations

The search for perfection leads us to continuous checks and improvements.These humidity sensors are continuous reading, flow: it is in fact the flow of cereal that makes reading possible.The technological principle of operation of the sensors is “capacitive” and exploits the different electrical conductivity of cereals to provide very precise and repeatable values.

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