As part of the plan to rebuild and renew the capacity of the cereal reception and storage facilities, assembly of the Bonfanti grain dryers is going ahead at the branches of the Grebenkovsky elevator (Poltava Oblast) and Krolevetsky KHP (Sumy Oblast) – Ukraine.

Their capacity in corn production is 1000 tonnes/day each, guaranteeing a reduction in humidity between 28% and 14%.

As noted by PJSC “GPZKU” construction department head, Alexander Zhurid, the installation of the new Bonfanti dryers will save electricity, significantly improve the quality of the services provided by the company, speed up the discharge of grain and increase supply indicators, which will obviously increase the profitability of the GPZKU subsidiaries.

Grebenkovsky elevator
Krolevetsky KHP
Krolevetsky KHP