Always at the forefront – BONFANTI – Grain dryers

Bonfanti – Cereal Dryers company is an important reality in the agricultural sector, respected and known, which has developed thanks to the quality and reliability of its products.

To have a high quality technological product it is necessary to start from its design. Precisely the design with attention to the smallest details has allowed us to have a performing, reliable, innovative agricultural machine with cutting-edge technology and competent assistance service, making our grain dryers very easy to manage in operation.

Extensive studies have led us to excellent performance, resistance and durability, operational safety with all types of cereals. All this would not have been possible also if we had not also used 3D design software.

The mechanical assembly of the Bonfanti dryer is completely checked on the computer during the design phase, avoiding any imperfection in the construction and assembly of the finished metal components.

Thanks to the use of 3D mechanical software, it is possible to verify the correct execution of every single detail that makes up the dryer. Assembly is now easier, thanks to the use of indications with 3D positioning drawings.

It is now possible to check many construction details of Bonfanti dryers even before production such as:

– the positioning of the fans on the ground so as not to have sources of noise and vibration at the top, this makes maintenance or replacement of the wear parts simple;

– the upper internal ducts in stainless steel highly resistant to wear and corrosion;

– the burners inserted directly inside the structure of the dryer, in order to improve the yield and heat distribution;

– the many structural reinforcements that guarantee high resistance to external forces (such as wind and snow) and durability;

– the inspection doors, located in a convenient position and easy to enter.

With these 3D drawings it is now possible to insert the dryer in new projects, to precisely define the point of loading and unloading of the cereal in the dryer.

Using the rendering of the 3D drawings, the visual understanding of the complete system is pleasant and immediate.

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